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“A few years ago I was introduced to James Roy. Having just completed my first apartment purchase and condominium conversion, there was still very much for me to learn. Having been a licensed residential realtor for 20 years I was shocked at the difference in the apartment world. I was very fortunate that James immediately identified that I would be a long time client and began working with me diligently to provide me with the necessary information to make prudent decisions. He was able to assist me with each and every step. One of the things that I found to be a huge asset was James’ network of owners and professionals. He has a rolodex like no other and is very well respected in all fields. I have met other agents in the business and was let down each time when drawing a comparison to James’ outstanding service. For anyone that is less experienced in this field or to the ones that own thousands of doors, James is the right choice. Our company continues to grow and we are very pleased to have James as a part of that growth.”

Todd C. Slater, The Simple Investor Group

Royal LePage helped pioneer the growth and development of commercial real estate in Canada. Today, our commercial practice is built upon the experience, knowledge and performance of our dedicated Commercial practitioners.

Commercial by Royal LePage supports commercial sales practitioners and their clients with a suite of services for their marketing, promotional, networking, partnership and professional development needs.

Our commercial program is supported by minimum entrance criteria for practitioners. That means, you can rest assured your are working with a professional who has the network and background to represent your best interests.