Sales Representative

"Mr. Morrison sold two office buildings and one long term stay apartment which we were selling under Power of Sale. Other brokers had tried unsuccessfully to sell the properties but John’s marketing efforts resulted in multiple offers on each property and top prices achieved. Mr. Morrison demonstrated his experience, knowledge, and strong work ethic."

E. Ko, Executive Vice President, Mega International Commercial Bank (Canada)

Sales Representative

“Over the past several years our company has used Paul on numerous occasions for various real estate transactions. From leasing to sub leasing and building/land evaluations, he has been a great asset and very knowledgeable.”

Bob Tucker, AVP Corporate Services, Sharp Electronics

Sales Representative

“Paul is very professional and a great communicator. His knowledge of commercial real estate is top notch. He can help both buyers, sellers and companies that have properties to lease or want to lease. His follow up skills are excellent.I would highly recommend his work.”

Elaine Slatter, Country Manager/Director Marketing Administration, Thermadyne Welding Products Canada Ltd.

Sales Representative

"Paul Morrison is an expert in his field. He is friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Even when faced with unrealistic requests he somehow finds a way to fulfill his client’s needs. As an example, my team recently had a project with compressed timelines and he was able to locate space that was made for us and move in ready. He worked through all the lease logistics and frankly was a mentor for me. He guided me through the process until all parties came to an understanding. Even after the project was complete he continued to check in. Although I hope future projects are not as aggressive as this, I know I will look for Paul's guidance and support the next time.”

Anna Somers, Facility Manager, IGS Energy

Managing Broker

"In my family's 10 year association with Eugen Klein, he has displayed attributes which have secured our continued admiration. They are: Respect, dedication, dependability, passion and commitment to his causes, particularly in the areas of self-improvement and the service of his friendships, his family, his clients, his scholastic and business associates."

Chris Stringer, President, ActionView


“A few years ago I was introduced to James Roy. Having just completed my first apartment purchase and condominium conversion, there was still very much for me to learn. Having been a licensed residential realtor for 20 years I was shocked at the difference in the apartment world. I was very fortunate that James immediately identified that I would be a long time client and began working with me diligently to provide me with the necessary information to make prudent decisions. He was able to assist me with each and every step. One of the things that I found to be a huge asset was James’ network of owners and professionals. He has a rolodex like no other and is very well respected in all fields. I have met other agents in the business and was let down each time when drawing a comparison to James’ outstanding service. For anyone that is less experienced in this field or to the ones that own thousands of doors, James is the right choice. Our company continues to grow and we are very pleased to have James as a part of that growth.”

Todd C. Slater, The Simple Investor Group


“James and his team had a very high level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism. They did a great job in analyzing details, summarizing operating costs, and leading us through the process of purchasing and financing our buildings. The overall support, responsiveness, insights and advice received were invaluable and continued friendliness during the process of acquiring buildings was very much appreciated. We will continue to use James and his team to acquire and sell. We highly recommend James’s team to anyone.”

Enzo Mizzi, The Simple Edgecon Group